Our product is made of a specialized nylon material that is abrasive yet safe enough for a great clean everytime
We carry all sizes from 17 caliber up to a 12 gauge shotgun. You may go to our main website to check out our entire line of products https://www.gunmouse.com/index.html
It is the same for every gun in your possession. Drop the weighted end down from the breach end. Pull the line slowly and the Mouse will do its magic. Whatever you use to clean or oil with cut in half as the Gun Mouse is very efficient in delivering a great clean.
You will talk directly to one of the owners Jim or Brian. We will get back to you within the same business day.
Simple, if you do not like it, return it we pay for shipping and you will get a full money refund. We would appreciate any feedback why our product did not work for you.
This is real easy. Put a couple of drops of dish soap(we recommend Dawn as it gets out the oils the best) on the Mouse. Then run under hot water soaping the Gun Mouse. Then rinse, let it totally dry and place back in the tube.
Shipping is free.